November 27, 2022

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10 Adorable Dungeons and Dragons Gifts

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Dungeons and Dragons is very close to my heart and I’ve written extensively about it in the past. It’s a very unique game that can be very therapeutic for its players. It’s a game where you can meet up with your friends and forget about the outside world for a few hours.

So what do you get as a fan of D&D, especially if you don’t have much knowledge about the subject? It can be difficult because the campaign books can be expensive, and picky players or dungeon masters may not be interested in campaigns set in a specific world or environment. In my experience, it’s best to avoid such D&D gifts because while they’re a lot of fun, they’re also a lot of work for the dungeon master.

There are also other things to consider when buying a gift for a D&D player: are they playing in person or online? Are you a gamer or a so-called “Forever DM” (like me!) Do you often use miniatures and maps, or do you let your players use their own imaginations to build their worlds? Do they listen to specific D&D YouTube shows or podcasts? Once you’ve established this, it might be easier to find a good D&D gift for that special person in your life.

Here are some great gift ideas to get you started!

Personalized dungeon master screen

This beautiful wooden screen will hide all your buns in style. You can add custom images and words to really make it your own! ($62)

10 Adorable Dungeons and Dragons Gifts

My Player’s Tears Mug

Another great gift for the dungeon master in your life! Your players will cry with joy… and with fear! $18

A dungeon and dragon shirt that says "I guess I'm gonna die" with a cat with a sword through the head lying on a D20 showing a Nat 1.

Guess I’m Dying T-Shirt

Rolling a natural 1: We were all there, we all cried a little tear, as the dice came to a tragic, tragic, end. $20

D&D doormat with a D20 on it

D&D doormat

A beautiful doormat your D&D friends will love, this would work for gamers and dungeon masters alike! $25

Cube prison with a variety of different sizes and types.

dice prison

Dice behaving badly and not rolling the way you want? Send them to dice prison for a few rounds: it will make them smarter! $6+

D20 storage box that can hold many different dice and D&D related items.

D20 storage box

Need a cool magnetic storage box for all your dice and D&D stuff? These are perfect! $14

D&D enamel pins featuring a variety of D&D slogans and images

D&D enamel pins

The perfect gift for anyone with a denim jacket or lanyard! $5

Metal D&D dice, handcrafted and boxed.

Handmade metal dice

You can’t have a list like this without dice! You can never have enough dice; ask any D&D player or dungeon master! $29

So there you have it, the perfect set of unique gifts for any D&D fanatic, no matter what style or type of D&D game you prefer. Finding good gifts can be difficult, but luckily there are a lot of creative D&D minds out there who are constantly coming up with amazing things to make your D&D experience even more fun.

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