January 30, 2023

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10 Book Journals to Track Your Reading in 2023

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Whether you read 10 books a year or 100, you probably try to keep track of the books you’ve worked through. Over the years many of us have used digital apps for this (often Goodreads, but others like StoryGraph are gaining support), but have you thought about making the switch to your own book journaling?

Finally, book journals are a wonderful way to chronicle your reading life in a thorough and personalized way. Not only do they keep track of the books you’ve read and the books you want to read: they also monitor your reading habits and challenges, keep an easily accessible log of the series you’re halfway through, and you can Be as open as you like without worrying about others finding or judging your thoughts on a book.

I have collected ten book journals from various Etsy and Amazon shops. Although most of them are physical, some are either digital or printable. They include space for book reviews, reading trackers, upcoming releases, and more. Prices range from $2.50 to $30, giving you the freedom to choose the one that best suits your reading habits and budget. Enjoy reading and following!

This yearly planner is over 100 pages long and includes pages specifically designed for wish lists, TBR lists, monthly recaps, and more. A beautiful handmade diary. $22 and up.

Book journal cover.

This reading diary is nearly 200 pages long, includes a daily reading tracker, and a borrowing/borrowing list. If like me you need half a dozen reminders in different planners to remember to return library books on time, this is the book journal for you. You have space for 52 book reviews. $16

A tablet with the digital reading diary in it

If you want a book journal but still plan to use your apps, this digital reading journal is perfect for you. It accommodates 240 books with hyperlinks to their reviews, a series tracker, yearly and monthly reading trackers, and more. Available in six different colors. $4

Just One More Page personalized book journal in pink

If you’re reading this looking for the perfect gift for a book lover, look no further. This personalized book journal is embossed with the oh-so-relatable phrase “Just One More Page” and the reader’s initials, making it both visually appealing and useful. It offers double-page reviews, a reading progress tracker, a TBR list, and a master books read list. $33

All types of pages in the printable reading planner

If you’re on a budget or just impatient, this printable reading planner is an excellent option. It has room for pretty much anything you want to keep track of: both read and TBR books, yes, but also favorite books, favorite authors, upcoming releases, a reading log, a book wish list, and more. $3

Cover of a reading pass

I love the idea of ​​a reading passport: something to record the adventures of reading. In this book journal you can record 20 books with their respective trips (title), host or tour guide (author), genre, location, epoch and rating. It also offers space to record your impressions of each book. $10

Cover of The Bookish Companion

Perhaps you prefer your book journals to be smaller, something you can carry in a tiny purse or pocket for quick notes on the go. The Bookish Companion (Mini) is ideal: the size of a small paperback, it offers space for 100 book listings and reviews. If you like the style but prefer something larger, look for the large size. $7

Cover of the Pink Book Journal

Are you a reader and a fan of pink? This is the book journal for you. The Pink Book Journal includes a rating system, book goal tracker, favorites section, charts of books and pages by month, and of course, book review templates, book quotes page, and more. If you like the sound but aren’t a pink person, fear not: the seller also has Gray Book Journals. $38

Two volumes of the book of books stacked on top of each other

Maybe you want your book journal to be thought-provoking. In that case, look no further than the Book of Books: it will help you make the most of your book spreads by including prompts like “Anchors in Your Life” and “Write Your Why.” The fact that it’s absolutely stunning doesn’t hurt. $28

Cover of The Ultimate Reading Journal on a flat surface next to Debbie Macomber's Final You

If you always prefer a spiral bound journal to a fancy book-like one, this journal for reading book reviews is perfect for you. In addition to space for 100 reviews, a TBR list, and a DNF list, it has an About page (so you can set your own rating system), a monthly page tracker, a series tracker, and more. $25

Itching for more options? Take a look at these additional book journals and bullet journals.