January 29, 2023

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"A message on the machine" [by Tom Disch]


Hello Tom. Finally the day has come

the day appointed for our meeting,

the day you shall die

and I decided to be your executioner.

So you have to look good.

If you don’t, I will be dishonored

before all my rivals and companions,

they are a regular heavenly host

and especially in the death records.

You shouldn’t be expecting me, you know.

No candle in the window.

No Mahler on the record player.

(But they aren’t called that anymore,

are they? The word is obsolete, yes?

In any case, Mahler is forever

Mahler. Egg!)

And something simple for dinner

and not to fill.

If there is to be dinner.

Hello? Are you there?

I have to quit.

Yes again.

Such a nuisance, yes I know.

Yes, I understand: everything is so fine.

Even the bathroom floor.

But something came up, it can’t be helped.

I’ll get in touch with you

but I can’t say when.

April 8, 2008


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