November 27, 2022

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AI videos are here: Chris Ianuzzi releases his second AI-created music video for his single “Lonesome Highway Superstar” [Video]

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Now a YEDM favorite for his endlessly interesting experimental arrangements and chaotic variety in both his musical compositions and multimedia videos, Chris Ianuzzi now dives headlong into territory many artists are just beginning to dabble in: AI- art and videos. With his acclaimed Maze LP being released single by single and ending in April of this year, Ianizzu has hinted that he would be making similar progress with videos and he is officially on board with the November 4 release with Lonesome Highway Superstar”, the second, entered video from the Maze mega-album.

The single “March of Madness”, which was released as a special video and was the culmination of Maze, was in fact the first video where Ianuzzi and his team used AI technology, both in the animation and in the morphing of the faces. However, Lonesome Highway Superstar is the first to be created almost entirely by AI. This video was created in collaboration with the same artists who worked on March of Madness, İlke Köse and Ethem Serkan Sökmen, and leveraged both Disco Diffusion and Stable Diffusion AI image generation. Between the two methods, the team created a video that feels both surreal and hyperreal, with trippy, abstract shapes morphing into photorealistic characters and vice versa.

According to Ianuzzi, the inspiration for this was a kind of space version of The Road Warrior.

My original idea for a video was a road warrior type video of a battered car on a desert highway. After thinking about it and seeing what Serkan and İlke did with AI when they made the video for “March of Madness”, I thought it was time to look for something else. I thought let’s put the character in space and make the journey cosmic. I shared my thoughts with them and off they went.

The video seems to capture the feeling of loneliness coupled with wonder that Ianuzzi also tried to connote in the track, with the more amorphous visuals being beautiful and impressive but ultimately cold and sterile, especially when the POV shifts to the human forms. Dressed in space suits and still created by the AI ​​as they are, the humanity of their movements and play on the “Desert Highway in Space” is in stark contrast to anything the viewer has seen before. While these images aren’t nearly as impressive as the over-the-top “space” pics, there’s more connection to them than anything else in the video, and it seems like a clip way too short.

The video ends with a question as a distorted photorealistic spacecraft tries to build and rebuild itself over and over again in this hyperreal, but clearly not real space: Will we ever be able to fully coexist with AI or other forms? of intelligence, whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial? It remains to be seen at this point, but the answer may not be too far away as technology continues to grow. Meanwhile, Ianuzzi sees it all as the same question: If we’re constantly reaching out for more, whether it’s AI, space, or just seeking companionship on a desert highway, are we only serving to isolate ourselves more completely? It’s a perennial question, and it seems the Lonesome Highway Superstar hasn’t quite got the answer yet.

Visit Chris Ianuzzi’s YouTube channel to watch March of Madness and other videos. Maze and the rest of his discography can be streamed on Spotify.

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