November 27, 2022

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ATLiens release groundbreaking “Space Cathedral” EP

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At the culmination of SVDDEN DEATH’s first Summoning of the Eclipse Fest at The Caverns and their debut collaboration Purgatory, ATLiens are proud to present their new concept EP Space Cathedral, out via Bassrush.

Commenting on this new EP release, ATLiens said:

“With Space Cathedral we pick up right where the Ghost Planet EP left off. Astronaut 001 awakens to find that the once beautiful planet is now just a post-apocalyptic wasteland under a crimson sky. All that was once known is now shattered, but in the distance lies something new – an eerie cathedral now stands amidst the ruined and desolate planet. Join Astronaut 001 as they embark once again on a journey to find out what answers and mysteries lie behind the walls of the Space Cathedral.”

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