November 27, 2022

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Baggage Claim by Juliana Smith Review

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Hello bookworms!

Have you started reading Christmas books?

I have and this is my first.

Baggage Claim by Juliana Smith is a fake dating romance novel. I knew I had to read it because it’s my favorite romance novel.

Olive and Finn meet at a red eye. Olive opens up to Finn (after/while drinking alcohol) that she is worried/nervous about seeing her family again and that she has told her mother that she has a boyfriend (but she doesn’t have one) and Finn tells Olive that she should let him be her fake friend. And so they pretend. There’s also a reason Olive hasn’t visited her family in three years.

Checking baggage claim

Baggage Claim by Juliana Smith is an entertaining Christmas read. There are scenes that I found fun and exciting, there are scenes that I didn’t like, and there are scenes that are definitely not Christmassy.

There’s a mystery from the start: why Olive doesn’t want to return home and thinks being with her family, seeing her sister Sarah and husband Logan, is a mistake. When I got to the scene where it was finally revealed why Olive doesn’t get along with Sarah and Logan, my reaction was: meh.

I saw it coming I got the hint why there is tension between them. And if you’re reading this too, I’m sure it’ll be easy for you to understand what happened before and why Olive left Colorado.

First person. Double POV. Olives and Finns.

Scenes I don’t like?
1. There’s a scene where Olive hinted that she doesn’t feel like going home with her family just yet, so Finn had an idea. You go to the resort and use the jacuzzi. Since this was a spontaneous thing, Olive doesn’t have a bathing suit and ends up wearing Finn’s shirt.

I know this is supposed to be romantic, but it comes from a perverted move. Really Finn? Your idea is to put a woman in a hot tub? What if she doesn’t have a bathing suit with her? This whole scene screams PERVERT to me.

2. When Finn finally finds out the “secret” and he gets mad because Olive lied to her. I hate when characters do that. So Olive Finn wasn’t telling the whole truth. Why is Finn upset? It’s not like they’re best friends. They met days ago! Doesn’t Finn realize that it’s emotionally difficult for Olive to talk about Sarah and Logan?

Do I recommend this?
Hm…if you like fake dating books, this isn’t the first book I would recommend. If you like Christmas novels, this isn’t the first book I would recommend either. To be honest I think I’m biased because even though Finn is an inspirational character I didn’t find him likable.

Many thanks to Xpresso Book Tours for accepting my request to read Juliana Smith’s Baggage Claim on NetGalley 🙂

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