January 30, 2023

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Björk Engages Shygirl And Sega Bodega For New Remix Of ‘Ovule’ Listen Up

Björk has teamed up with Shygirl and Sega Bodega for a new remix of their Fossora track ‘Ovule’. “It was so rewarding to share music with Shy and Sega…soooo honored to be in their hands,” Björk wrote on Instagram. Expect “Sega Explores Chill Bass Drum Gabba”
and Shygirl “Dive into [the] lyrics and taking it to a new location,” the post reads. Check out the track below.

Since the release of “Fossora” last September, Björk has shared a video for “Sorrowful Soil” (recorded next to the recently erupted Fagradalsfjall volcano) and received a Grammy nomination for the album in the Best Alternative Music Album category, where she vs. Big Thief and competes Yes Yes Yes, among other things.

Read Pitchfork’s recent cover story on Björk (with a chaotic drive set to music by Shygirl’s “BDE”) and check out the Post and Homogene’s Sunday reviews.