January 29, 2023

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Book Riot’s most popular posts of the year

As this year draws to a close and the next draws ever closer, it’s a good time to stop and reflect. At Book Riot, we’ve published thousands of articles in a year, ranging from longer, research-based posts to quick lists and bite-sized messages. After a year of uploading hundreds of posts a month, which ones have you, our audience, found useful?

We’ve gone through all of our content for 2022 and compiled the numbers to bring you the ten most popular posts of the year. These are the posts published this year that got the most views, whether you spotted them while browsing Book Riot, because your phone recommended them, because you Googled something similar, because you clicked through a newsletter link , or through the many other ways in which readers come across our writing!

But first, a few posts that we’ve removed from the list. October through December is the season of the best of books list, and we like to keep our readers in the loop by sharing the biggest books, usually in a short news post with a link to the full list. Apparently you appreciate that because two of them made our top ten list! However, as this is more of a reader service than original content, we have decided to remove it from the official list. These entries are the best book of the year according to Barnes & Noble Booksellers and the top 10 books of the year according to Amazon Book Editors.

Without further ado, let’s get to our most viewed posts of 2022!

#10: 9 Books Like Coleen Hoover’s Verity For Your Next Reading

Colleen Hoover’s books have dominated the bestseller lists this year, so it should come as no surprise that a peer-to-peer list got a good number of views too! This is a post often spotted by people looking for something to read after finishing Colleen Hoover’s backlist.

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fair-skinned woman with a crown and the pages of a book in the air

#9: 42 of the best fantasy novels of the last 10 years

“Best” is a popular word for this list! Our readers are looking for the best of the best, and while reading is always subjective, we’re happy to give our opinions! This one was only released last month but has already garnered enough attention to make the top ten of the year. It’s organized by year of release so you can see at a glance how the genre has changed over the past decade.

a collage of the listed covers

#8: The Best Fantasy Books You’ve Never Heard Of

While you definitely want to read about the best books of all time, you also love discovering hidden gems. The Best Books You’ve Never Heard Of is a series in which we celebrate those books that don’t get the attention they deserve. They’re beautifully written, impeccably designed, thought-provoking — and completely under the radar. If you’re looking to expand your fantasy knowledge base, this is a great place to start.

a collage of the listed covers in front of a spacey background

#7: 23 of the most influential fantasy books of all time

This entry narrowly edged out under-the-radar fantasy books for number 7 on the list. Yes, three fantasy lists in a row! This not only looks at which books are the best, but also those that have had the most impact. They are stories that have inspired countless others, or one that created something entirely new. The fantasy genre wouldn’t be the same without these influential titles.

a silhouette of a hand pressed against a window

#6: 10 Spooky Horror Thrillers

We’re out of the land of fantasy and into genre mashups! Both horror and mystery/thriller are genres that our readers are interested in, so it makes sense that the combination would be appealing! These stories are packed with action and disturbing moments, all building to an unforgettable and nightmare-inducing climax.

a cropped version of the Ninefox Gambit cover with spaceships

#5: 25 of the best space opera books of all time

Who knew there was so much interest in space opera books? Well, when you consider that Star Wars is a space opera, it all adds up. These books have the big stakes, action-packed plot, and sprawling setting that make sci-fi novels so interesting, but with an added heap of drama and a Focus on characters and relationships. What more do you want?

Image of Barnes and Noble

#4: What’s up with Barnes & Noble?

In August, the author blew up on Twitter with the news that Barnes & Noble’s policy on what new titles it would stock had changed. Jenn Northington — author, former bookseller and current manager of product operations at Book Riot — stepped in to explain what happened and how it would impact authors and readers: “I sympathize with buyers who are struggling to make their businesses profitable to hold must make tough decisions about what to store successfully. But I have just as much sympathy (perhaps even more) for the authors who see another door closed for them… How do you develop a proven sales record when your book is out of stock? Spoilers: You can’t.”

Black and white photo of a man in a fedora holding a trench coat at the bottom of a staircase in a wallpapered room

#2: 15 of the best crime books of all time

It’s always difficult to narrow down a “best of all time” list for a genre as broad as mystery – and let’s face it, trying to do so is a good way to start a fight. But despite the impossibility of establishing a definitive ranking, trying it is a great conversation starter. We’ve also seen a lot of interest in mystery/thriller books in 2022, so the interest in this post doesn’t come as a huge surprise!

a photo of someone in an otherworldly landscape, like a long-abandoned skyscraper

#1: 20 of the best sci-fi books of all time

And finally, our most viewed post published of 2022 is Best Science Fiction Books Ever. We promise most of our posts didn’t have “all time” in the title; our readers clicked on it the most! This is another ambitious list that attempts to condense a massive genre into just 20 books. These unforgettable reads “push the boundaries, show what could happen if we continue on the path we have taken, and make you question what is possible.”

These were our most popular posts of 2022, but they’re just a fraction of the posts we loved this year! Check out Book Riot Staff’s Favorite Posts of 2022 to find the ones that stuck in our minds the most.