February 3, 2023

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Book storage for small spaces: 11 creative solutions

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As a reader, finding space to store our book collections can be a constant struggle. And if you’re in a smaller space (or your books are in a smaller space), it can be difficult to make the most of the space or find small space book storage solutions that actually work. There is also the challenge of filling a small space without making it look overwhelming or cramped.

Personal taste also plays a role. In my previous apartment I didn’t have space (or money) for shelves so I just stacked books until the stacks wobbled and it was impossible to take books out when I wanted to. I’ve had friends who came to visit and hated the look. I kind of appreciated the aesthetic.

We know some tried-and-true design secrets help open up smaller spaces: tall and narrow shelves are always a good choice. Finding ways to incorporate storage into more objects or established furnishings, such as B. to transform ceiling surfaces or corridors into bookshelf walls. Use small nooks and crannies to build unique shelves that fit.

So let’s talk about solutions. This article is all about simple shelving or storage solutions that are easy to buy or assemble. Not mentioned here are larger design projects such as adding shelves to a staircase, under the bed or in an unused fireplace. There are some related articles linked at the bottom of this list that may help if you are interested in a larger design project. On the best book storage for small spaces ideas!

Rotating bookshelf

Maximize a small space with a bookshelf that allows for 360 degree storage! These bookshelves come in a variety of sizes and can be used for everything from larger textbooks to children’s books to comics and graphic novels. Shown is Nisorpa’s version, $196.

Double-sided hanging bookshelf

Photo of the hanging bookshelf

Another way to maximize your shelf space is to use both “sides” of the shelf. These Etsy hanging shelves have elastic loops on the bottom to hold individual books, and the top space can also be used. $93

corner shelves

Photo of a white corner bookcase

Have you ever had a room or apartment that happened to have an odd corner that was sticking out, or that had to allow for air conditioning? Corner bookcases are great for filling and utilizing those awkward spaces. $120

Table book stand

Photo of a brown wooden book stand

These tabletop book stands are great for displaying multiple cookbooks at once and help free up valuable tabletop space. $49

bedside table

Bookshelf by the bed

To make a bedside table, use attachable shelves that hook onto your bed frame to create extra space for storing books, drinks, and more. $35

Tall, narrow shelf

Photo of a tall, thin bookshelf

Measuring 7 inches overall, these four-tier shelves are the perfect size for displaying your favorite reading. These shelves come in a variety of colors and are super easy to move around. $190

Transparent pieces of furniture

Photo of a clear acrylic side table with books

These clear acrylic side tables give the illusion of empty space while providing opportunities for display and storage of your books. $168

Floating wall shelves

Photo of floating bookshelves on a wall

If you’re running out of shelf space, create new stacks of books with floating mounted shelves. You can also create the illusion of floor to ceiling stacks by strategically placing the shelves along the walls! $76 for a four pack.

room divider shelves

Brown bookcase as a room divider in a small apartment

For studio apartments or adding some separation between different rooms, consider using a bookshelf as a room divider. It saves space compared to a bookcase that sits flat against the wall and adds more interest to your room. $120

storage space under the bed

Photo of a black book basket with various romantic motifs written on the front

Maybe not ideal for displaying, but utilizing under bed storage can help create shelving space for books you want to display. But these book baskets are so cute that we understand if you can’t bear to keep them hidden. $19

Corner Bookcase

Photo of the gray corner bookcase

Corner bookcases are ideal for minimizing wall space and utilizing an area that is difficult to design. $53

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