February 3, 2023

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Breslin and Buffett: “Be true to yourself” [by Mitch Sisskind]

Breslin says he can’t stand being with “legitimate” people anymore because they’re so goddamn boring. Specifically, he cites Warren Buffett as the “second richest and first most boring person in the world.” Breslin says if he had to listen to Buffett for twenty minutes he’d lose his mind…

But does that mean that listening to Warren Buffett can make us better poets? From a creative point of view, is it possible to go insane from listening to Warren Buffett “in a good way”? Rimbaud prescribed “zee systematique derangement of zee senses”, right? So how hard are you willing to work to become a great writer? How much are you willing to risk? Ask yourself these questions and then click on the clip below (or not). (It’s only ten minutes, well under Breslin’s limit.) You’ll hear Warren Buffett say things like, “The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” He is a great Polonius, plus whatever. You will get your money’s worth! (yup yup!)