January 30, 2023

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British Band Slaves change their name to Soft Play

Until now we have not been able to comment on what is going on with the band as life changing events have put us on hiatus and just trying to get through each day. There have been times over the last few years when we never thought of ever stepping foot on stage together again. However, we feel that now is the time to pick up where we left off. But before we do that, let’s address something important.

When we called our band Slaves it was just meant as a nod to the daily grind. As younger men, we reacted with fear and aversion to criticism of the name. Feeling backed into a corner, our own pride made us fight for a name we weren’t even sure we wanted anymore. At times it felt like our band name defined us and we were scared of what might happen if we changed it.

However, we now realize that our original intention does not alter the fact that the Slaves name is an issue. In today’s world, we believe it is very important that people change and make improvements, no matter how far behind they are. The name no longer represents who we are as people or what our music stands for. We would like to sincerely apologize to anyone we have offended.

We are aware that people have different opinions about the name, we hope you will accept and respect our decision and don’t take the dispute further. Ultimately, what matters most is the music and the community surrounding our band, and we want nothing to stand in the way of that community being as inclusive as possible. Our music is for everyone and everyone.

With that in mind, we are very happy to be back together and excited for what the future holds.

Our new name is ‘SOFT PLAY’.

Dear Laurie and Isaac