October 3, 2022
cibona foods

Foodie PH | Cibona Foods Makes Healthy Home Eating Deliciously Affordable | via PR Newswire | This family-friendly food brand makes it easier to prepare food right at home, which is especially helpful during times when families are trying to save money due to rising prices.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida — As the effects of inflation continue to be felt by households in the United States, people are cutting back on their spending and searching for methods to save money. Reuters reported at the end of July that consumer confidence had fallen to levels not seen in over a year and a half. This decline was mostly attributed to ongoing concerns regarding various issues, such as greater inflation and, as a consequence of this, rising interest rates.

Individuals need to figure out how to make ends meet in their own households even as the global economy continues to struggle through a protracted period of turmoil. Many people, when faced with financial constraints, choose to eliminate non-essential spending, such as going out to restaurants. This leaves them with little choice than to make food on the home front, as there are no other options available.

Ljuban Ljubisic, founder and president of Cibona Foods Inc., said, “We understand that people are hurting right now.” “As families prepare food in their own homes to cut down on costs, Cibona is ready to help them maintain a healthy, delicious, and affordable lifestyle right in their own kitchens,” he said. “We understand that people are hurting right now.”

For more than three decades, Cibona Foods has been recognized as one of the most successful food brands in Canada. The company has established a name for itself in the food market as a supplier of products that are uniformly of excellent quality. These began with olives, vegetables, and maraschino cherries that were preserved in jars. However, over the course of the past ten years, the brand’s extensive mayonnaise offering has emerged as the product that has garnered the most attention. Cibona provides a mayonnaise that is suitable for any dietary requirement as well as any event, with variants that are created with traditional components as well as others that are produced with avocado oil, olive oil, and even plant-based alternatives.

“According to Ljuban, the majority of people are unaware of how versatile mayonnaise is. In addition to its applications as a condiment, the eggs and oil in mayonnaise make it an excellent ingredient for baking. It is particularly helpful in cold salads and sauces, and you can even use it on the grill. [Case in point]” When money is tight, Ljuban also discusses the significance of educating consumers on the importance of being able to make nutritious and inexpensive food at home when times are tough “We have always been committed to having a positive and lasting impact on the environment, the economy, and the social well-being of everyone who is connected with Cibona in some way. When families decide to stop ordering meals to be delivered and instead focus on ensuring that there is always food on the table, our goods offer a diverse and economical solution to make each meal enjoyable while still maintaining a healthy and reasonable budget.”

Cibona Foods Inc. was founded in 1988 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and the company began developing its unique marinades the following year. Cibona Foods is headquartered in Canada. In 2009, it launched production of the mayonnaise items that would become its signature brand. The CibonaTM brand has seen consistent expansion over the course of many years and now imports and exports goods all over the world, including the countries of India, Spain, Greece, Italy, and the United States. Visit cibonafoods.com to acquire further knowledge.