February 3, 2023

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Coachella will be the US finale of Porter Robinson’s Nurture show

Six years ago, Porter Robinson and Madeon presented the finale of their “Shelter” tour at Coachella. Now Porter is returning to Coachella alone after a few years touring with his Nurture show, with another finale on the horizon.

Porter Robinson released his second album Nurture in April 2021 and waited until just before things opened up during COVID to begin touring his new album. It’s been almost two years since then, much shorter than the runtime for his Worlds album and around the same time for Shelter, but Nurture is coming to a close in the US next April.

Whether that means he’s working on a new project, taking a break from touring, or doing some kind of Nurture 2.0, we’re not sure. More information will come out over time, but if you were planning to go to the desert in a few months, this could tip your scales.


SEE YOU THERE pic.twitter.com/ihK0SUM3le

— Porter Robinson (@porterrobinson) January 10, 2023