February 3, 2023

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Crucial Pink (Angel Deradoorian, Kate NV) “Haffmilch Holiday”

Former Dirty Projectors multi-instrumentalist Angel Deradoorian and current Glintshake singer Kate NV have formed a new project called Decisive Pink. On the occasion of their signing with Fire Records they released their debut single “Haffmilch Holiday”. Listen to the duo’s first track below.

Both Deradoorian and Kate NV are known for playing guitar, but Decisive Pink build their sound by layering modular synths. “Haffmilch Holiday” evokes the earliest electronic music, with a few initial computer-driven beeps giving way to robotic percussion and reverberant vocals. The single was inspired by Decisive Pink’s time recording their debut album in Cologne, where they would go to a local cafe every morning and order Haffmilch cappuccino.

In a statement, Decisive Pink explained that her morning ritual “inspired a desire to break free from daily societal pressures and enjoy the little pleasures that all people appreciate.” As such, “Haffmilch Holiday” rejects grind culture, as the duo sings, “I just want silence/ I want to play/ Dancing outside on the grass/ My own holiday.”

Deradoorian left Dirty Projectors in 2012 to pursue a solo career. Her last album was 2020’s Find the Sun and earlier this year she covered Black Sabbath’s Children of the Grave with Nick Zinner, Brad Truax, Greg Fox and Mick Bar. Kate NV now has her own solo career. Earlier this year she released the charity album Bouquet.