January 30, 2023

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Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin Cover Randy Newman’s “I Love LA”

Winter, that occasionally charming burden, is not shared equally, as Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin reminded us on the eighth and final Hanukkah night with their cover of Randy Newman’s “I Love LA.”

Like previous covers in Season 3 of the Hanukkah series, “I Love LA” was recorded live at the Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles on December 5th. Little did they know then that snowstorms would hit the Midwest and Northeast by the end of the month. But right now, when you call one of these neighborhoods home, it’s hard not to take lyrics like “Hate New York City/ It’s cold and it’s wet” and “Let’s leave Chicago to the Eskimos” personally. Dave, Greg, we hope you get sunburned.

A note accompanying the cover release reads, “Merry Christmukkah! Our non-denominational gift to you at this convergence of Jewish and Goyim holiday joy is Randy Newman’s classic ‘I Love LA’ – sung by Dave Grohl!” As this was the final performance, Grohl and Kurstin were joined by the many musicians who joined them at this year’s Hanukkah sessions including Beck, Karen O, Jack Black, Kyle Gass, P!NK and Inara George.

Previously, Grohl and Kurstin starred in the Hanukkah series Blood, Sweat & Tears’ Spinning Wheel with Apatow, Get the Party Started with P!nk, 10cc’s The Things We Do for Love with Kurstin and George, Janis Ian “At Seventeen” with Grohl’s almost 17-year-old daughter Violet, “E-Pro” with Beck, a duet of “Heads Will Roll” with Karen O, and a cover of Rush’s “The Spirit of Radio” with Black.