November 27, 2022

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DJ and producer Gino Gomez talks about his incredible career and using his production and events company to help other artists.

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Famed DJ Gino Gomez has been spinning decks for the past decade, delighting audiences around the world. He is known for his retro mashups and electro bouncing sound, and for making original tracks in collaboration with his brother, Andrew. Here’s this man’s incredible career and how he’s helping other aspiring artists.

Like many other music professionals, Gino grew up surrounded by music-loving parents with different tastes in music and cultural history. His father’s Afro-Cuban blend and enjoyment of The Beatles made for a rich sound, and the counterpart was his mother’s penchant for Madonna and other pop sensations of the ’70s and ’80s. Gomez’s mashups and overall musical mood reflect his childhood and combine nostalgia with a postmodern attitude.

Gomez’s creativity has allowed him to work with a guitarist from Gypsy Kings and other celebrities to produce live recordings. It’s quite an achievement for any musician to be drawn to the biggest names in the world, but Gomez has done so. Additionally, you can expect him to have a variety of names in his address book that might help support future artists.

Everything was going great until Gino was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His life was cut short and Gino had to seek treatment in New York City. After battling cancer for well over a year, Gino wondered what he was doing. At a pivotal point, he decided to start a production and events company. This would allow him to give back everything he has learned from his peers and throughout his highly successful career. Today he helps other artists with producing, booking, event management, tours and planning. Dubbed Hurry Up Slowly, after a funny phrase from the era, this company is now helping many rising stars make it big.

However, starting a business hasn’t stopped Gino from performing or creating original content. He is currently touring the world including; USA, UK, Spain and Greece.

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