February 3, 2023

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DJ Blast releases inspirational psytrance album Famous

DJ BlasT, the rising star on the electronic music scene, has just released his highly anticipated album Famous, and it’s already making waves. Israeli-born Lior Biton, better known by his stage name DJ BlasT, started making music in 2015. He quickly found his passion in the psytrance genre, which is also evident on his latest album
Release of “Famous”

From the moment you press play, you’ll be captivated by the diverse collection of tracks that showcase BlasT’s breadth as an artist. The album features emotional vocal lines, hypnotic beats and smooth melodic flows that transport the listener to a moonlit night where the only thing that matters is the music.

One of the things that sets Famous apart is their use of a pounding kick drum, which sets the tempo for most of the tracks on the album. The light production effects give the songs an atmospheric yet even vibe, making them the perfect background music for a night out or a chilled night at home.

The open vocals take the listener on a journey of pure musical goodness as the tracks slowly build to a climax. But don’t let the smooth flow fool you, Famous packs a punch with its massive drops that will leave you wanting more. DJ BlasT has masterfully crafted a modern album that maintains its energy throughout and makes it impossible not to dance along. The catchy melodies and unwavering groove create a symbiotic harmony that makes “Famous” one of DJ BlasT’s most exciting albums to date.

With a passion for psytrance and a near-universal affinity for admired songwriting, DJ BlasT is an artist to have on your radar. His ability to broaden his spectrum and refine his sound sets him apart from the rest of the electronic music scene. He has already received over 10 million views for songs on social media and continues to grow his
fanbase. And with more music planned for the near future, rest assured DJ BlasT will continue to push boundaries and impress his fans.