February 3, 2023

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Effin Releases Thundering EP “Descent” [DEADBEATS]

Rising bass musician Effin is known for combining explosive sound design with hard-hitting drums to deliver cutting-edge production. After relocating to LA and honing his technical skills with the renowned Icon Collective, Effin has continued to produce quality bass music that continues to turn heads.

His latest release is no exception to the greatness we’ve come to expect, as he’s put together a 4-track EP titled “Descent” signed to the acclaimed Deadbeats label. From start to finish, Descent is a rollercoaster ride of emotion and thrill as Effin showcases his incredible production and sound design skills.

“A while back I had a conversation about a Descent Into Madness playlist that would start with more comfortable EDM tracks and progress down a rabbit hole to more obscure melodies. This idea became the inspiration for the EP. The EP starts off with a heavier ‘banger’ tune that people have come to expect from Effin, then transitions into some more vocal and varied production tunes throughout the track listing that have a lot more indie influence. I think there’s something for everyone on this project and it feels like the perfect combination of a range of different styles that I’ve fallen in love with.” – Effin

Listen below!