November 27, 2022

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Exes and O’s by Amy Lea Review

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Hello fellow readers! Don’t you just love it when things fall into place in your life? For example, if your bookmark happens to match the cover of your current reading, if you see the novel you want on sale, or if you get a book mail at the right time.

Speaking of wonderful things happening, I had the lovely gift of being one of the early readers of Amy Lea’s new book Exes and O’s before it was officially released on January 10th, 2023.

I bet you’re wondering if it’s good or spicy. Well I just finished it and let me tell you all about it.

What is Amy Lea’s new book about?

Exes and O’s is Book 2 of Amy Lea’s The Influencer Series. It’s a forced closeness romance. Think the ugly truth and what’s your number? Film together in a fun romantic comedy book.

Tara is a nurse, booktoker, and bookstagrammer. Her grandma Flo reunited with her childhood sweetheart Martin and they got married. Tara was inspired by her grandma Flo’s story that she decides to track down her ex-boyfriends and find her own second chance romance with one of them and be her date for the Valentine’s Day Gala.

Trevor, a firefighter and Tara’s roommate, isn’t really looking for a relationship. Tara enlists Trevor’s help with her mission. The more time they spend together, the more Tara falls in love with Trevor. But does Trevor also fall deeply in love with Tara?

Exes and O’s Review

Exes and O’s reminds me of The Ugly Truth in that Trevor helps Tara what to say and what to text her exes, just like Gerard Butler’s character helps Katherine Heigl’s character in The Ugly Truth, but PG. And there’s this line in Exes and O’s that’s like the hot air balloon scene from The Ugly Truth.

Exes and O’s also reminds me of What’s Your Number? because Tara tracks down the men from her past, just like the character of Anna Faris in What’s Your Number? but Tara hasn’t slept with all of her exes.

Just like the main characters in these films, Tara wants to be in a relationship and Trevor is not the type of guy who is looking for a relationship right now.

How many days have I read this?
I haven’t really counted it, but it feels like about three or four days. Exes and O’s is a delightful, exciting read romantic comedy that I could finish in under two days if I wasn’t reading it on my smartphone.

Single POV, Tara’s POV. It works for this romance book because it adds excitement and a little bit of mystery because I don’t know what Trevor thinks or feels about Tara.

Do I like the author’s writing style?
Yes! Amy Lea did an excellent job of incorporating the supporting characters and themes such as gaslighting, being with an emotionally abusive person, death, absent family members into the story. They didn’t take so much page time (book version of screen time) that this still feels like a romantic comedy but still has some depth.

I don’t know about you, but when I read romance novels, I want them to focus entirely on the two main characters and their development, not too much on their friends’ story. That is achieved here. I like this.

Is it a slow burn romance?
YES SIR. This book has 34 chapters with epilogue. Nothing really happens between the main characters until the second half of the book. So that’s somewhere in chapters 18-34.

Even though this book burns slowly, it doesn’t feel like it. Every chapter is fun and exciting. I love Tara and Trevor’s chemistry.

is it spicy
YES SIR. There are two spicy chapters if I counted correctly and if we have the same definition of spicy.

Is the ending good?
A bit cheesy, but didn’t bother me. If you’re a bookworm like Tara, you might find the ending cute and romantic.

Do I recommend this?
YUP! A must read for romance novel lovers!

Even if you haven’t read Set on You, Book 1 in the series, that’s okay. I didn’t actually read it and got through Volume 2 with no problem.

Many thanks to PenguinUK for approving my request on NetGalley to be one of the early readers of Exes and Oh’s. I had a great time reading it! <3

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