November 27, 2022

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Filipino-American artist Yung Rizzo wants to collaborate with more EDM-based talent

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Blurring the lines between the worlds of rap and dance music is nothing new. Many of the first hip-hop songs took inspiration from the rhythmic pounding of dance music, flipping samples of songs that had the specific goal of getting a crowd moving. So it’s not surprising that dance music’s latest modern mutation – often lumped together under the ambiguous and contentious term “EDM” – has spilled over into hip-hop and even been absorbed. This kind of cross-genre pollination is essential to hip-hop.

As EDM hybrids continue to rise, it’s undeniable that we’ve witnessed the emergence of stellar records highlighting some of the best collaborations between rap and EDM, with songs featuring powerhouse names like Skrillex, A$AP Rocky, Carnage , Diplo and others.

Filipino-American rapper Yung Rizzo’s goal for the new year is to color the lines of his traditional discography and collaborate with new talent, namely producers and DJs in the electronic dance music scene. After charting virally on Spotify’s Viral 50, Yung Rizzo has experienced the value of conscious collaborations between multiple artists and different genres.

The versatile artist hopes to create more music that reaches a wider audience. He has made a notable impact on the Philippine music industry, where notable acts such as Far East Movement, DJ Laidback Luke and DJ Riddler, to name a few, have cemented their stance.

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