November 27, 2022

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French house legends Braxe + Falcon are arriving next week to play one of their first-ever US shows

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DJs/producers Alan Braxe & Dj Falcon (close daft punk partners and French house legends who also happen to be cousins) came together for the first time this year as Braxe + Falcon and did what some call the song of 2022: “Step by step.”

Braxe + Falcon are coming to LA this month, performing on 12/11. performed live at El Rey (KCRW & Freaks Only Presents) for one of their first ever US shows as Braxe + Falcon. They will stop in San Francisco at 1015 Folsom the night before and in New York City this weekend.

Check out tickets for LA, New York City and San Francisco here and see “Step by Step” below.

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