January 28, 2023

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Fresh trap-hop and R&B from J’Moris see a technological leap forward

Texas trap, hip hop and R&B artist J’Moris’ two latest songs resonate differently. Recently released in late October, it’s not just the fact that he flexes his vocal muscles on the steamy R&B track “NAKED,” produced by Whateverwell, who has worked with J’Moris on a number of other tracks, “Jelly (You Thing Pt. 2 )” and “NAKED” showcase even cleaner technique than usual, making them two of J’Moris’ best tracks to date.

As the parenthetical portion of the title suggests, “Jelly” is a follow-up to J’Moris’ anthem to haters “You Thing,” which was released on his album Moris Better: Loveless Confessions in February. It’s one of his most popular tracks according to Spotify, but more success tends to attract more envy, so it’s not surprising there’s a part two here. Snappy and one of the more energetic lyrical sets in the J’Moris catalogue, the beat is spliced ​​with classic hip hop, the syncopation perfectly matches the verse. It seems that J’Moris and Whateverwell were really in sync with this track as the beat rolls through the track complementing the story being told. With its super clean sound design, it’s no surprise that “Jelly” already has some of the highest stream counts for J’Moris on Spotify.

As previously mentioned, the silky bedroom track “NAKED” features J’Moris reprising his role as the R&B singer from another track by Moris Better, “Nana”. A slightly simpler track vocally, “NAKED” is no less groundless than “Nana”, but is a little softer and more soulful than its predecessor. The smoothness softens the harsh edges of the sexual lyrics, making for a balanced track despite the content. On first listen the track seems like smoother, more classic R&B as well, but the phrase transitions have some unexpected trapping styles that make “NAKED” a dance track as well. Incredibly versatile, it once again shows a production push for the duo of Whateverwell and J’Moris while staying true to its trap roots.

Inspired by UK grime and garage, many rappers and hip hop artists have recently incorporated partially sung vocals into their work. Usually these are half-rapped, half-sung and meant to harmonize with the music, but that’s not what J’Moris does on “NAKED”, he has a powerful R&B voice and when he uses it he gets down to business – on. With the improved technique of these two tracks, J’Moris with Whateverwell could envision organically reaching an even wider audience without compromising on their style. Fans will no doubt look forward to what they have to offer next.

“Jelly (You Thing Pt. 2)” and “NAKED” are available now and available to stream on Spotify.