January 29, 2023

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Happy Birthday, David Shapiro, Author of “January”

David Shapiro wrote:

at 8:42 p.m

David, please take the test I left out in the rain.
Freud is the name, theory is the game, lying on the couch seems crazy
free association is the main thing, transmission is also the cane,
Oedipus walks in the rain.

Take it, I’m a simple marker, for Freudian reasons and some Adlerians.
What is a test but a little joke to make the taker angry? Name the allusion.
Where was the late Freud’s cancer? Where did Freud say sex was everything and
every squeaky hand could make us say the words we want?

Love and work – where do Freud and Reich say that these are great
responsibilities? Was Delmore Schwartz in analysis at age 23 when he said
Dreams begin responsibilities with his lip of blue snow? Which Colombia
Can we assume that the professor never went through an analysis?
Whom did Lacan call the classically unanalyzed writer (here I cave in – James Joyce. O)

What was the specialty of the day of the great Lou Andreas Salome?
How long has David Shapiro been in analysis and why?
How many of his poems are dreams?