January 28, 2023

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Harry Potter fans have asked for no more socks to be left on Dobby’s grave

If you happen to be in Pembrokeshire, Wales and want to pay tribute to the late Dobby the Elf at his grave in Freshwater West Beach, go ahead, but please don’t bring him socks. Conservation group National Trust Wales said so after finding socks and other trinkets brought to the site by Harry Potter fans were endangering the beach and its marine life.

Freshwater West Beach became a landmark for Harry Potter fans after the fantasy franchise filmed Dobby’s death scene there in 2010’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. In the film, the elf dies in Harry’s arms on the beach, which he describes in his final moments as “such a lovely place to be with friends.” In the years since the film’s release, fans have erected a memorial to the beloved character on the beach, and provided socks (which freed Dobby from his master, Lucius Malfoy), painted rocks (which Potter used to honor the elf in the film), and more brought other things.

However, after an eight-month review, the National Trust Wales has asked fans to stop honoring the memorial physically. “The memorial to Dobby will shortly remain in Freshwater West for people to enjoy,” the charity said in a statement. “However, the Trust asks visitors to only take photographs when visiting the memorial to help protect the wider landscape” as “items such as socks, jewelry and paint chips from painted pebbles end up in the marine environment, the food chain and wildlife.” could endanger. ”

“While we are delighted that so many visitors are keen to come, we have to balance the popularity of the site with the impact on the delicate nature of the beach and wider area and the pressure on the facilities and surrounding roads,” said Jonathan Hughes , an official with National Trust Wales, said.

Harry Potter has suffered a bit of a reputation in recent years thanks to its transphobic creator JK Rowling, but Daniel Radcliffe – who played the title character in his films – has tried to make amends with fans by assuring them that “not everyone” The franchise shares Rowling’s transphobic beliefs.