January 30, 2023

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How to fight new obscenity laws targeting librarians

So far this year, eight states have introduced laws that make it easier to prosecute teachers and librarians over “obscenity” and “harmful to minors” laws — which have proved a weapon in recent book ban battles and against librarians and educators used just because they have LGBTQ books or sex ed books on the shelves.

EveryLibrary, a PAC that advocates for libraries, has published a Policy Brief to raise awareness of these laws and ways to combat them. It’s about governmental profanity and detrimental to minor laws and how they apply to teachers and librarians. It will then review related state laws in 2021 and 2022, both those that passed and those that failed.

The Policy Brief also includes anti-censorship advocacy advice for librarians, educators, administrators, union and professional organizations, and other stakeholders such as parents and library users. They end with effective anti-censorship messages and places to get support, including at EveryLibrary. For example:

“If someone is uncomfortable with a book or film, they don’t have to read or watch it. Changing obscenity laws would criminalize libraries in our state. This means that everyone’s right to read is under threat.”

You can download the full report from EveryLibrary.

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