January 30, 2023

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In absentia – This ignorance [by Bianca Stone]

When you go faceless
old lover, element
that I’ve tried for so long
to declare – it will be me
exposed between
two big stones
for a moment
thought you were good
before I’m revived.
i will be laundry
that has resolved
out of line. pantyhose
fly into traffic.
See you soon, handsome.
if you go i will be
the moth, the butterfly,
became broth in the cocoon.
Once assembled, I get out
and you will be subsumed
into a majesty of steam
vanished like an orchid.
I’m planning it, little switchblade.
I want it, strand of sweet spit,
lovable idiot i made
from mud and loss—
you whose durability is zero,
You who save me from totality
and the small sum of what
is otherwise infinite.

by Brooklyn Rail