February 3, 2023

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Josh Teed is releasing the stunning album Recurring Dreams through Gravitas Recordings

Josh Teed is a versatile, classically trained and technical musician who began playing the fiddle at the tender age of 3 and won the Florida Fiddle Championship at 9. Now his productions pay tribute to some of his electronic influences, such as Charlesthefirst, CloZee and Govinda, while remaining unique and showcasing his vast expertise in instrumentalism appropriately. His live sets feature fiddle, didgeridoo and live analogue synthesis layered over every element of a great DJ set, keeping listeners engaged and enchanted every second he is on stage.

This talented rising star recently returned to CloZee’s Gravitas Recordings with his highly anticipated album, Recurring Dreams. From start to finish, Josh blurs the line between electronic and live music, uniquely utilizing his powerful musical talent to create his signature sound. Using live instrumentation mixed with his heavy bass production, Josh made waves on the scene and offered something truly special.

It’s hard to pick favorites on this album, but “Nightmare Sonata” beautifully opens up experiences with Daggz, another seminal artist. Together they fuse beautiful violin melodies with a driving hip-hop beat and build into an electrifying bass drop.

“Memories Of A Past Life” opens in a dreamy atmosphere that explores the diverse sound it’s capable of, very tastefully throwing in heavier bass elements but clearly showing an energy shift to tease the rest of the album. “Elysian Forest” really shows the diverse range of Josh Teed and combines all the energy for an unreal mix of downtempo and heavy dubstep with a massive final drop. “Zones Of Reality” closes the album with beautiful instrumentation and walks the line between his chilled and heavier side of this release, a perfect final showcase of his sound.

“Recurring Dreams was a labor of love that took just over two years to complete. The vision behind it was to push the boundaries in terms of combining instrumentalism and melody with experimental sound design and heavy bass. The entire project covers an immense range, from dark and heavy melodies to the beautiful and ethereal side. I wanted it to encompass the full range of emotions.” – Josh Teed

Overall, “Recurring Dreams” is an album that immediately feels timeless. Listen below!