January 29, 2023

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Justin Theroux and Woody Harrelson star in White House plumbing teaser

HBO today revealed the first teaser for White House Plumbers, the upcoming political drama miniseries starring Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux. It is scheduled to be sworn in on HBO in March 2023.

Based on the book Integrity: Good People, Bad Choices, and Life Lessons from the White House by Egil Krogh and Matthew Krogh, White House Plumbers tells the story of E. Howard Hunt (Harrelson) and G. Gordon Liddy (Theroux). the two masterminds behind the Watergate scandal who inadvertently sabotaged Richard Nixon’s presidency despite their futile attempts to protect his reputation.

The trailer begins as Hunt and Liddy meet with Nixon’s attorney, John Dean (Domhnall Gleeson), who gives the couple a seemingly simple assignment: “Your new mission is to make sure he wins this election,” he says. “Sabotage, espionage, infiltration. Bare Knuckle Tactics. The same shit they do to us every election.”

“They” of course refers to the Democratic National Committee. And in case it’s been a while since you’ve taken a US history class, Hunt and Liddy were instrumental in orchestrating the Nixon administration’s infamous 1972 break-in into DNC headquarters in the Watergate Office Building. As henchmen for the five convicted burglars, their actions ultimately led to Nixon’s resignation. While we all know by now how this story ends, White House Plumbers shows us how it began.

The miniseries also stars Lena Headey, Judy Greer, Ike Barinholtz, Kiernan Shipka, and Kathleen Turner. Watch the White House Plumbers teaser below.

Last year, Harrelson also had a guest appearance on the 11th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Theroux voiced the male lead in Disney+’s 2019 remake of Lady and the Tramp.