January 30, 2023

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Kayzo reunites with Atreyu after almost three years for the new single “Depression Season”.

The amount of songs Kayzo released in 2020 amid the pandemic is staggering, releasing somewhere in the region of 14 tracks, including his EP The Year The World Stood Still. However, earlier in the year he clearly had rock and metal in mind and teamed up with Atreyu and Bad Omens.

Now, almost three years later, Atreyu and Kayzo have teamed up again for “Depression Season,” a fitting nod to seasonal affective disorder, which many of us experience during the winter months when the sun goes down particularly early.

While their previous collaboration “Battle Drums” was a bit heavier on the EDM side, “Depression Season” swings in the other direction. Former lead singer Alex Varkatzas is out of the band and Brandon Saller’s new vocals shine throughout the track, there’s less of a concrete ‘drop’ and the arrangement of the songs is much closer to a rock song than an EDM track.

For Kayzo fans, this is the perfect combination. Check out “Depression Season” below.