November 27, 2022

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KC Trommer: Choice of the week [ed. Terence Winch]

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Away from the Roosie

to O’Hara

I get off 7 and drive home past Chase and the Penguin of Jackson Heights

that last week someone dressed up as a rabbit and I think

from Frankie’s I-do-that-I-do-poems, and my phone is dead again and

I can’t afford to replace it. I just want to hear Spoon

Singing has no regard for what you don’t understand

but maybe, as Lorna said, it’s a gift, and there’s a poem across the street

wave Yoo hoo! Over here! and try very hard to get

my attention. I come out on 37th, near the remains of the Brunson building

after the fire on Easter Monday and I walk past the Met (not the)

which they renamed Foodtown, but the Honor and Joe and I will

Always call the Met (not them), then turn left onto 77th Street

and past our cafe where Afsal is standing outside and talking but

exceptionally does not greet, although he is looking

right at me, and it’s alright, I’ll walk past the Berkeley and across 35th Ave. and

I guess I’m home considering my keys were opened

the door even before I realized I had it in my hand and everything is

where I left it, even in the bedroom waking up all alone

suddenly to find – yes, I left you. you have never been here


KC Trommer is the author of We Call Them Beautiful (Diode Editions, 2019) and The Hasp Tongue (dgp, 2014) and founder of the online audio project QUEENSBOUND. Since 2018 she has been collaborating with Grammy Award-winning composer Herschel Garfein on a song cycle based on poems from her first collection. Since 2020 she has curated and led the Red Door Series, a reading and meditation series at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Jackson Heights, Queens. She has been Poet in Residence on Governors Island since 2021, first as part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s COVID-19 Response Residency Program, then as part of Works on Water, and now at NYU’s Gallatin WetLab. She is the communications director at NYU Gallatin and lives in Jackson Heights with her son.[To hear KC Trommer reading this poem, click here.]


KC Trommer: Choice of the week  [ed. Terence Winch] 1941 photograph showing 37 Av W. at 90th St. Jackson Heights Queens New York City


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