January 31, 2023

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Keep track of your books with these reading journals

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One of the projects on my never-ending to-do list is updating my reading journal. I keep a notebook of every single book I’ve read and it’s been a few years since I’ve added anything. I love this type of record because as nice as it is to read spreadsheets or trackbooks on Goodreads/The Story Graph, the tactical experience of flipping through a notebook to see what I’ve read (and my handwriting), has something special !) in 7th grade, 12th grade, my junior year of college (where my now-husband wrote down dozens of titles for me), as a 25-year-old and now, in my late 30’s. It’s not a fancy reading journal — it’s a plain index-card-sized notebook — but I’m not going to lie. Every time I see nice reading journals online, I’m tempted to snag one.

If you haven’t kept a reading journal, you should think about it. Whether you want a simple record or want to use a reading journal to track challenges or goals, there are plenty of options for you. Book Riot obviously has a pretty cool option with our Read Harder log, but here’s a look at some other fun, useful, and beautiful reading journals.

Read journals to keep track of your book life

Keep track of your TBR, your monthly reading, an annual review of what you’ve read, and space for book reviews with this soft-page reading journal. Choose a journal with or without a bookmark, $21-$25.

Image of a green reading journal.  There is a pair of glasses on it, and a coffee cup next to it.

This reading journal gives you space to keep track of your TBR, the books you’ve read, favorite books, books you’ve borrowed, and the books you haven’t finished. You can also keep track of your reading habits, track daily reading, track any challenges you may take on, and an area to color your own stacks of books. There is a green and a beige color option, $25.

Image of reading tracker notebook 2023

The previous two reading trackers are not outdated, so you can use them anytime. But if you’re looking for a planner to track a year of your life in books, this one from Novelly Yours is a great option. You can keep track of up to 23 books per month, records: title, author, rating, start date, end date, number of books read per month, number of books read per year (for a running total), source, genre, format, Page count and Own vs. Borrowed. There’s space for monthly summaries, tracking challenge progress, and more. $30.

Image of a stack of small notebooks with is written on top

When you buy one of these little reading log notebooks to jot down your thoughts on your book club reading (or your own if you don’t have a book club), you’re actually getting two. Perfect to give to a buddy to read or to keep a notebook in your bag as a travel notebook. Of course, these would also make great gifts for the book club. $10.

Image of a notebook that looks like an old book.  It is an individual reading diary lying on a table next to a pen and a magnifying glass.

Would you like to treat yourself and get an individual reading diary? You can. This vintage-style option allows you to personalize the cover with your name (or anything else you want to put in this space). The journal itself has four tabs where you can keep track of book details, favorite authors, reading lists, and notes. $50.

picture of

The minimalist style of this book journal gives it such a classy look. It lies flat and can hold up to 100 book reviews. There are tons of options for making lists, too, including: characters to remember, books from desert islands, book wish lists, book club ideas, reading challenges, quotes loved, and more. $30 – Multiple cover options to choose from if the above isn’t your style.

Image of year planner for reading diary

Keep track of your reading with this roughly 100-page journal (with stickers!). You can keep track of books you want to read and books you’ve purchased, as well as book releases, reviews of titles you’ve read, and track your progress on any challenges you accept. $17 and up as you can get a discount when you buy a set – that would make a nice gift for your book lover and you.

Image of a small notebook.  It has a lightbulb with flowers inside and says

Take this little reading diary with you so you can take notes and write your review of the finished books. $11.

Image of a hand hovering over a

Are you interested in a colorful reading journal that not only has a colorful and fun cover, but also has many colorful pages? This is your winner. Track your TBR, reading habits and more. $23.

Image of a forest green reading journal next to white tapered candles.

Last, but not least, is the Quirky Cup Collective’s flawless reading journal. This thing is the definition of luxury – you can choose between a forest green or a deep blue, and the edges of the reading journal are all gold plated. At over 350 pages, the journal has space and prompts for all the literal tracking and writing you could ever want. As of this writing, the diary is sold out, but will be restocked soon. $45.

Looking for other ways to track and sort your reading life? You’ll want to see these bookmarks for the reading tracker – they would look great in one of these journals! — and these clever ways to read your TBR.