November 27, 2022

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KJ Sawka teams up again with All Fires for new drum & bass stoker “Running in Circles”.

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A lot of people would probably sympathize with the idea that we’ve spent the last two years going around in circles a bit. In a macroscopic sense, it may seem like we’re back where we started, but if you look at all the experiences you’ve been through, you’ve probably grown more than you think.

That’s the concept behind the new drum & bass heater “Running in Circles” by KJ Sawka, from Pendulum and Destroid, and All Fires, in their second collaboration. Bright synths and KJ’s iconic drums paired with a catchy bass line make this an instant addition to our pump-up playlists.

“Walking in circles is a simple contemplation of a universal constant of being human: we either learn and grow from our experiences, or we repeat them until we do.” – KJ Sawka

Listen below, available now on KJ Sawka’s Impossible Records —

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