February 2, 2023

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“Let’s Make a List” [by Tom Disch]

It is always a pleasure to stumble upon a new, uncollected poem by a master. Here is a poem Tom Disch wrote in December 2007.

Let’s make a list

The letter L
has cast its spell
to the entire English language.
The other letters gladly
glow with her to form
all words and things
we love most: flowers
opening to the morning light,
the little birds flutter
about the feeding place, the swallows
along the river, waves,
Dapplings, even loss.
L dies – then raises her head
and lives again. she smiles
in this special way that she has
and everything will become clear.
Appearance! there she is again


– Tom Teller

Reprinted from the estate of Thomas M. Disch c/o Writers’ Representatives LLC, New York, NY 10011. All rights reserved.