November 27, 2022

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Let’s talk about the Jessie Cave sunset

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First things first, whoever put Sunset under the romance genre on the Foyles website, I hate you. It’s definitely not a romance novel!

I assumed it was a book about two sisters who had a fight over a guy or something and they stopped speaking and the other sister meets a man who is now always there for her. But no.

Sunset by Jessie Cave is a book about grief, about the loss of your big sister who was your person, who acted as your parents and who really cared for you. No romance, but pure love.

Second, whoever puts Sunset in the romance genre, I don’t really hate you. Sunset has become a great book. It made me cry uncontrollably. I just wasn’t ready to read a novel about grief, about the guilt of living life again after the person closest to you died.

Third, Hannah and Ruth remind me of Ingrid and Martha from Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason. These two sister duos make me want to read more fiction books with sisters who are very close. Do you have any recommendations other than Little Women?

The end of the sunset from Jessie Cave

“I jump and follow.”

What does that mean? Did she commit suicide by jumping off the cliff?

I’m assuming Ruth didn’t commit suicide. I think she just “followed” Hannah’s ashes to the sea. I think Ruth jumps off the cliff at the end, which means she finally accepted her sister’s death or finally learned to live with it.

But what if Ruth doesn’t bring a bag when she leaves the hotel room? Why does she drop her flip flops off the cliff? What about your hotel key? Does that mean she has no plans to return to the hotel, which means she really will commit suicide?

It’s in Ruth’s character to forget hotel keys. It’s mentioned in chapter 17 (she lost it) and 21 (as usual, forget it).

As for the flip flops, Ruth said in chapter 77 that her flip flops need duct tape. That means her flip flops are broken. I guess she throws them off the cliff ’cause what’s the point of keeping something that’s broken? I think that’s symbolic.

Toward the end, Ruth comes back to herself and actually becomes a better version of herself to Hannah. Her mother giving her a new washing machine symbolizes that it’s no longer broken. I find. I am not a literary expert.

Words from Jessie Cave that captured sorrow

Those words made me cry. I actually felt my heart sink as I read those words.

“But I like it when my washing machine breaks because I’m broken too.”

“It disappears and the smell of hair products remains; it makes me cry.”

“It strikes me that no one will ever again notice how alike Hannah and I look when we’re out together.”

“I want a new name, I should have a new name, for the new sisterless me. I could change it.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be okay again.”

“I want something terrible to happen to one of them. Today. Even if I am so ashamed of this thought because it is so bad, this thought is there. I just need someone who knows how this feels, but no one ever could. Not even my parents. Mom’s pain, dad’s pain. Rowan’s pain. Leila’s pain. Sal’s pain. It’s all different. They could never know mine and I could never know theirs. All I know is that no one in this world had a sister like her.”

“My cronut is coming, but he can’t save me.”

“I found my mom on her bare knees scrubbing my floor with a J-cloth, wearing one of Hannah’s oversized t-shirts and nothing else. She scrubbed harder and harder until she saw me. She was startled but tried to smile. I didn’t say anything, just fell to my knees and hugged her. She started crying and crying and crying like I had never seen before.” (This is the scene that really made me cry.)

“I have to swallow to keep from crying when I realize he’s also meeting a new person — Ruth without Hannah.”

Where to read a Sunset EPUB?

I am currently not buying actual books. Everything is so expensive these days. I prefer to spend money on food because I need food to get energy. Energy to read and do other things. So I finally paid for a Scribd subscription. There I read the EPUB version of Jessie Caves Sunset. It’s cheaper than the actual book and I can read more e-books in a month.

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