November 27, 2022

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Lily-Rose Depp points to sexism for the ‘nepotism baby’ label

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Lily-Rose Depp has some pretty famous parents, but don’t blame them for her success. The model and actress opened up about her struggles with the “nepotism baby” label she’s faced in recent years in a new interview with Elle, citing the fact that more famous women are being accused of cashing in on nepotism , than famous men.

There are many memes on social media about the sobering feeling of discovering that one’s favorite celebrity has famous parents, with the insinuation that their talent disappears after they realize they probably contributed to their success. However, Lily-Rose – daughter of Johnny Depp and French singer Vanessa Paradis – argues that said interest in the famous parents is really only online.

“The internet seems to care a lot about such things. People will have preconceived notions about you or how you got there, and I can definitely say that nothing will get you into the role other than that you’re right for the role,” Depp said. “The internet cares a lot more about who your family is than the people you cast in terms of casting. You might get your foot in the door, but you still have your foot in the door. After that comes a lot of work.”

Depp added that she found it “interesting” that it’s usually women who are called “Nepo babies.” “It’s weird for me to reduce someone to the idea that they’re only there because it’s a generational thing. It just doesn’t make sense,” she said. “If someone’s mother or father is a doctor and then the child becomes a doctor, you’re not going to say, ‘Well, you’re just a doctor because your parents are doctors.’ It’s like, ‘No, I went to medical school and got an education.’”

“I just hear it a lot more about women and I don’t think it’s a coincidence,” Depp said.

Lily-Rose’s famous father has been in the headlines in recent months following his libel trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, who has accused him of domestic abuse. The young actress hasn’t really commented on the process, and she justified her silence with a similar attempt to emphasize her individuality.

“If it’s something so private and personal that suddenly doesn’t become so personal … I feel really entitled to have my secret mind garden,” Depp said. “I also think I’m not here to answer for anyone and I feel like for much of my career people have really wanted to define me by the men in my life, whether that’s my family members or my friends are whatever . And I’m really ready to define myself for the things I put out there.”

Depp is next set to co-launch The Idol, Euphoria creator Sam Levinson’s HBO series, which also stars The Weeknd. She is also tormented by Nosferatu (Bill Skarsgård) in Robert Egger’s version of the vampire story.

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