January 29, 2023

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Listen to a playlist of festive songs

Happy Birthday to the irreplaceable Kim Seokjin of BTS! Jin, known worldwide as the Worldwide Handsome, is the oldest member of BTS – today (December 4th) is his 30th birthday and we’re ready to celebrate the occasion in style.

To celebrate the singer, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite tracks that not only showcase Jin’s beautiful voice, but also his thoughtful lyrical perspective, kind heart and enduring love for ARMY, BTS’ loyal fanbase.

Check out 10 tracks that make Jin stand out below and scroll to the bottom for a playlist of songs available on Spotify.


Jin’s bright track from BTS 2020 Map of the Soul: 7 Album is one of his most popular solo tracks, and with good reason. Not only does the upbeat ballad pair perfectly with Jin’s sweeping vocals, the message conveyed in the lyrics, positioning him as the moon and members of ARMY as the earth, is an enduring tender sentiment. How lucky we are to have it in our orbit.

“The astronaut”

Co-written with Coldplay, this 2022 song allowed Jin to really flex his performing muscles on his own. “When I’m with you, there is no one other,” he sings in the soaring, glittering chorus. Jin has always had an affinity for lyrics about the stars and interplanetary exploration, but The Astronaut really sent him into the stratosphere. Since we won’t be getting any new music from Jin for a while, let this song keep us all company for now.


BTS’ Love Yourself series was a time when the members were all exploring their own relationships with the often difficult concepts of self-love and identity. With Jin’s solo track “Epiphany,” he makes a bold statement: “I’m the one I’m supposed to love in this world.” Despite the song’s melancholy nature, which underscores how difficult such a simple idea can be, “Epiphany ‘ A hopeful song through and through.