February 3, 2023

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I’m a big entertainment fanatic, so I don’t like to play like books are better than TV or vice versa. Stories can be told in many different ways and formats, and I personally think the more the merrier – although all streamers are really starting to test these.

It often happens that I look at a series or a movie and think, “Oh, people who like this should really read Book X.” And I have similar thoughts when I read a book and immediately think that the Readers who like it would also like a show or movie I saw recently. This is probably one of my favorite things to write because I love watching people discover something new they love based on something they already enjoy. It also helps that I watch a lot of TV and read a lot of books, so this game allows me to do something with all that random entertainment stored in my brain.

I’ve aimed for different moods and content, so we’ve got everything from teenage werewolves and murder to cozy books that hug the soul. And because it really annoys me when I see random comps slapped on things that aren’t comps at all, I made sure to give you the overlap of the two things that made me think they would work together when “If you like this, you will like this too.”

Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall cover

Rosaline Palmer takes the cake from Alexis Hall

About the show: A soft reality show where bakers compete and are judged once a week in three baking contests, with one person sent home each week until the winner is crowned. (Follower)

About the book: Single mom Rosaline Palmer has been chosen to take part in a prize funded baking show she desperately needs. But she meets a competitor upon arrival who captures her heart and believes she might find love too… until another contestant steps in…

What they have most in common: Showing an entire season of a baking competition, including all challenges and judging. And this hug for your soul feeling.

Julia on HBO Max promotional shot starring Sarah Lancashire as Julia Child

Cover of Mango, Mambo and Murder by Raquel V. Reyes

Mango, Mambo, and Murder (A Caribbean Kitchen Mystery #1) by Raquel V. Reyes

About the show: This is a fictionalization of Julia Child’s life as she created and starred in her cooking TV show. (Follower)

About the book: This is a cozy murder mystery about a mother who not only stumbles upon a homicide investigation after returning to Miami with her family, but also learns how to host a food show.

What they have most in common: A woman hosting a cooking TV series, which she has never done before.

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The Legend of the Blue Sea poster featuring a mermaid coming out of the ocean

The Legend of the Blue Sea, on Hulu and Viki

Thirsty Mermaids Cover

Thirsty Mermaids by Kat Leyh

About the show: This is a funny romcom about a mermaid who falls in love with a human and therefore has to come ashore to be with him. The catch is that he doesn’t know who she is and the only way to survive her heart on land is to reciprocate her love. (Follower)

About the book: Three mermaids are running out of wine they found in a shipwreck, so they decide to cast a spell on their legs to go ashore and get more alcohol. Everything works out until the next day, when they’re still on land and the magic hasn’t turned them back into mermaids. Now they have to figure out how to get jobs, where to live and how to undo the spell to return to the ocean.

What they have most in common: mermaids on land trying to figure out how to be human, leading to comedic situations, and although the show’s focus is a love story, both have found a family.

Do Revenge Screenshot of 4 teenage girls in school uniforms sitting on a fountain

Cover of Squad by Maggie Tokuda-Hall

Squad by Maggie Tokuda-Hall, Lisa Sterle (Illustrator)

About the Movie: Think Strangers On a Train, but at a private school, and two teenage girls trade revenge instead of murder. Drea will get revenge on the person who outed Eleanor, and Eleanor will get revenge on Drea’s ex-boyfriend who sent out a sex tape without consent. (Follower)

About the Graphic Novel: Becca is the new kid at school and falls into the popular girl clique, only to soon discover that they are turning into werewolves and taking revenge on the boys who are chasing girls.

What they have most in common: humor, high school focus on teenage girls, transfer students, revenge on teenage boys, LGBTQ characters.

The Lovebirds movie poster of Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani sitting on the street floor at night with a chaotic street behind them

Cover of Partners in Crime by Alisha Rai

Partners in Crime by Alisha Rai

About the Movie: Jibran and Leilani have reached a point in their relationship where they only fight and decide to break up. Before they can officially break up and move on, they get caught up in a frenzied chase and murder suspects as they try to escape. (Follower)

About the book: Mira and Naveen were previously matched by a matchmaker but broke up after a brief relationship. Now they are both surprised to see each other when Mira comes to Naveen’s office to settle her aunt’s will. Is it time they reconsider their relationship and get back together? First they must escape the kidnapping, find out what’s going on and stay one step ahead of the criminals who want Mira to pay back what her cheat dad stole!

What they have most in common: A broken couple on the run from criminals with a second chance at love.

Derry Girls Screenshot of three teenagers in Catholic school uniforms and a boy

Book cover of Not My Problem

Not My Problem by Ciara Smyth

About the series: Four teenage girls and a cousin from England are set in 1990s Northern Ireland, during the Troubles, navigating through teenage life, family, friendship and Catholic high school. (Follower)

About the book: Aideen navigates life as best she can when she decides to help her nemesis by “pushing her down the stairs”. Really, it’s to help the girl get out of something her dad throws at her by saying she has an injury from the fall. Except now other teenagers come to Aideen and need her to solve their problems in a similar way. What could go wrong?!

What they have most in common: Humorous style, the characters are heartfelt and you will fall in love with them, funny outspoken teenage girls, scheming girls, lesbian characters, navigating family and teenage life and set in Ireland.

Abbott Elementary posters of teachers sitting on a school bus

Cover of The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna

The very secret society of irregular witches of Sangu Mandanna

About the show: A group of teachers at a Philadelphia public school work hard to educate young children against budget cuts, a system that seems designed against them, all with an unhelpful principal and a teacher who is always too very hard. (Follower)

About the book: Mika Moon was taught that witches must keep their distance from each other and hide their magic so as not to alert the world to their existence. Suddenly she is called to a secluded house to teach three young witches how to control their powers. Now Mika has found a chance at love and a family if only she can protect them.

What they have most in common: The main character seeks her found family, professional connections between generations, the warm fluffy feeling of people trying to do good and caring for children so they can do their best.

Promotional image for the Apple TV+ show Bad Sisters, showing actors Eva Birthistle, Anne-Marie Duff, Sharon Horgan, Eve Hewson and Sarah Greene posing around a hearse

Cover photo for The Last Party

The Last Party by Clare Mackintosh

About the show: JP is a horrible human being, so his four sisters-in-law band together and plot to kill him. They’re not that great at killing, though, so we watch them try and fail while revealing how JP damaged each of them. Meanwhile, two insurance agents try to prove the sisters are actually murderers in order to avoid paying the damage.

About the book: Former star Rhys Lloyd is found dead on New Year’s Day. Two detectives from different countries are brought together to find out who murdered him. The suspect list will be long as he wasn’t a great guy.

What they have most in common: A despised murder victim, multiple points of view, an odd pair of investigators, and a small-town setting. And if you want some more Bad Sisters based footage, check out Murder Reading For Fans of Bad Sisters (aka JP Must Die!)

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