February 2, 2023

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Meet the new words that have been added to the official Scrabble dictionary

Updated for the first time since 2018, the Scrabble dictionary includes 500 new words – although Scrabble doesn’t reveal what each one is and tells players to search the new dictionary to find them all. They also removed several hundred insults and other offensive words, making them unplayable in official tournaments.

Some of the new words reflect technological and cultural changes since the last update, including “torrenting”, “doxxed”, “subtweet”, “pageview”, “unsub”, “stan” and “vaxxed”.

Others are slang words that make some word nerds cringe, like embiggen, verbed, bae, thingies, adorbs, swole, and folx.

As well as slang words and new words, there are also some older ones that have just entered the dictionary, such as ‘yeehaw’ and ‘dumpster’ – formerly a protected word.

There’s also a cornucopia of food words typed in, including dishes from around the world. Some include guac, horchata, queso, zaatar, and matcha.

Some fun new additions are word upon word like “Grawlix”, a bunch of symbols like @#$%&! used to represent swearing, and “eggcorn,” which is a word or phrase created by misunderstanding the correct term.

A few other notable new Scrabble words are “Fauxhawk” (which will earn you some points), “Jedi”, “Zoomer” and “Zonkey” (a cross between a donkey and a zebra).

Check out even more new Scrabble words at Huffpost.

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