January 30, 2023

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My 11 favorite scenes in A Cosmic Kind of Love

I enjoyed Samantha Young’s A Cosmic Kind of Love more than I expected.

I thought I’d scrap it because I tried her other book Much Ado About You earlier this year and didn’t feel it, so I scrapped it.

A Cosmic Kind of Love is about Hallie, an event organizer, who watches the video letters Christopher made for his ex-girlfriend Darcy while he was on the International Space Station. Christopher’s video letters are included in the wedding inspiration files cloud account/folder that Darcy sends to Hallie. Hallie and Christopher (already knows Hallie from her videos, yes Hallie also made her own video letters) at Darcy’s engagement party.

This book is also about problems with parents. Hallie has problems with her divorced parents. Christopher has problems with his father. He also thinks about his dead brother and his dead mother from time to time because he loves them and they live in him.

I love that I learned some things about life in space while reading. I’ve googled every time Christopher has anything to do with space, like how they train in space and what their sleeping quarters look like.

My Favorite A cosmic kind of love scenes

1. Aunt Richelle tells Christopher that he must write his autobiography for himself.
“This must be for you. Forget that call, forget what’s best for NASA, and just write what you need to find out.”

I don’t quite empathize with Christopher, but I know what Aunt Richelle is talking about. If we do something, it should be for us.

That reminds me of Elizabeth Gilbert. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote Eat, Pray, Love to save herself. She wrote Big Magic for her own amusement. By the way, I recommend Big Magic. It’s a life changing book.

2. Christopher isn’t really upset that Hallie saw his video letters to Darcy.
“Oh my god, was he perfect? Please don’t be perfect. The intensity of my crush on him just couldn’t handle it.”

3. Hallie asks Christopher if he needs anything and Christopher says her number might be helpful.
“My . . . what? Holy . . . really? I mean . . . what”

4. Christopher pulls out Hallie’s chair for her.
“It was such an old-fashioned gesture. And it totally enchanted me.”

5. Christopher tells Hallie that he doesn’t like playing on the field and doesn’t like having one night stands.
“I’m in love. Shut up. You’re silly. You’re infatuated, and there’s a difference.”

6. Christopher wants to tell Hallie that he watched her videos first before he started a romantic relationship.
A decent man with a plan.

7. Christopher’s hand presses against the base of Hallie’s spine.
“A flutter in my throat alerted me that my heart had been beating faster. Trying not to spasm or seem like I wasn’t enjoying his guiding hand on my back, I concentrated on putting one heeled foot in front of the other.”

8. Christopher says he’s 35 and feels lost.
I know this is a fictional love book, but this reflects real life. You can be at any age, successful or not, and still feel lost.

Samantha Young humanizes successful, decent lead actor Christopher in this scene. I love it. There are other scenes where Samantha Young humanizes Hallie and Christopher, but this is my favorite.

9. Christopher goes back to Aunt Richelle’s house after his morning jog (Hallie is there too).
“I nodded, his acrimony making me nonverbal.”

10. Christopher stops the car so he can hug Hallie to comfort her.
“Why did it feel like such a safe place?”

11. The run-to-airport, go and quickly get her the scene.
I hate romance novels and movies where someone rushes to the airport to prevent their romantic interest from boarding the plane. It’s overused. I want to know where all the love books and movies got this idea from. You know?

If I hate this type of scene, why did I record this one?

Because Samantha Young wrote it in a funny way. It’s different from all the cliched airport scenes I’ve seen and read over the years. The airport scene here is cheesy and fun.