January 28, 2023

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New Artist Spotlight? Time to revisit this hip-hop ‘moment’

Actually we’re a bit late for the Moment party as a few weeks ago YEDM covered Mike Masch’s latest multi-genre project Back to the Boulevard when technically In Time, the album he released under Moment, first has been published. Still, in a way it was good to first profile Masch himself and all his various projects because there is a much longer history there. Well how did we miss this super cool hip hop album?

The aptly named In Time by Moment was released in early October and is the first full-length hip-hop album Masch has made to date. His work under the Mike Masch moniker isn’t quite as structured, combining elements of jazz, classical, pop, trip hop and more under an experimental compositional style. His moment work adheres to a hip-hop or trap tempo and beat structure. Listeners will still find plenty of jazz and chill trip-hop vibes, as well as the odd classic flourish or two, but we’re very much in the hip-hop and trap wheelhouse with In Time.

The other major difference between Masch ad Masch and Masch as Moment is that Masch eschews vocals for the most part in his more experimental work. In Time, on the other hand, isn’t just a bunch of hip-hop and trap instrumental beats, and if you’re like us here at YEDM and found Masch Moment ago, you might never have known he’s a rapper too. With a chilled vocal timbre that’s a whisper on some tracks, Masch’s lyrical arrangements are as varied as his compositional style, ranging from simple ’80s old school to faster ’70s “Rappers Delight”-esque flows to stuff inspired by more Rappers like E40 are influenced by avant-garde.

Variety in everything seems to be Masch’s motto, and there’s plenty of that on In Time, even with the more structured beat arrangements. The album opens with “Moment In Time,” which has a fairly basic ’80s-style beat, but retains the jazzy trumpet musicianship and R&B streaks that were favored by hip-hop artists in the mid to late ’90s (think Digable Planets meets En Vogue). ). Other tracks like “Party on ME” seem to be equally old school and jazzy, but Masch’s vocals are much more early 2000s. Halfway through the album things take a more emotional turn with tracks like “TOUGHer LOVE” and “ReAwakened Invasion”. Masch himself has said that creating moments is about expressing emotions.

The inspiration behind this album was to show a much broader spectrum not only of musical production and ability but also of myself as a person in this world. So many different emotions, feelings and experiences blended to tell many handfuls of stories… It’s real, it’s authentic, it’s liberating and liberating. I know when others hear it they will understand it as much as I do.

While Masch and many other instrumental artists have been able to connote an amazing amount of emotion without words (EDM is pretty much built on that premise, after all), sometimes we need words to put things even more clearly. Masch clearly felt that need and happened to turn it into a pretty epic hip-hop album. With the tireless quality of his work, it really doesn’t matter when we discovered which project, because with good music it’s always the right moment.

In Time is available now to stream on Spotify or buy on Bandcamp.