January 30, 2023

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New Horror comes out in January

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It’s 2023, horror fans! That means we’ve got a whole new year of horror books to look forward to. January starts off with a bang with a bunch of great new horror novels to choose from. Seriously, these books are a great way to start a full year of horror. Will you add them all to your TBR for the month? i know i will

Before we turn to the books, let’s talk about some of the trends we’re horrified to see in the first month of 2023. First of all, the look of oranges, reds and yellows is the mood for cover designs. Are the pink and bright purple horrors of 2022 over? I think we need to keep the horror in mind to follow this.

What else can you expect from your January 2023 horror novels? ghosts. Claustrophobia. Unreliable narrators. haunted houses. Bad dreams. dark memories Dark Gothic vibes. ghostbusters. Monster. Creepy hotels. vampires. Fight for Survival. These books contain many of the horror tropes we’ve come to know and love. But there are also many surprises on these pages. What surprises you ask? You’ll have to read all eight of these January 2023 publications to find out!

Ghost 19 by Simone St. James (Berkley, January 3)

It starts with a novella by Simon St. James. When a doctor suggests Ginette Cox seek a less exciting environment, Ginette moves out of town into a suburban home in New York: 19 Howard Avenue. Life in the suburbs is certainly less exciting than life in the city, but at least Ginette has interesting neighbors. To entertain herself, Ginette watches the family across the street from her window and makes up little stories for them. But while life in their new home may be boring, it’s anything but peaceful. She keeps hearing strange noises in her basement that keep her from sleeping. And again and again a strange man appears in front of her house.

Bad Cree book cover

Bad Cree by Jessica Johns (Doubleday, January 10)

Jessica Johns’ debut novel is the story of a young Cree woman named Mackenzie. Night after night, Mackenzie has frighteningly realistic dreams about the events leading up to her sister’s untimely death. But then her waking world isn’t much less terrifying. She’s constantly haunted by a crow murder in town, and she keeps receiving threatening texts from someone claiming to be her sister. Mackenzie knows this is more than she can handle on her own, so she travels north to her rural Alberta hometown to rejoin her family, who are still wracked with grief. However, Mackenzie’s return home only reinforces her dreams and makes her even more insecure about what happened to her sister years ago.

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How to Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendrix book cover

How to Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendrix (Berkley, January 17)

The wait for the next Grady Hendrix banger is over! How to Sell a Haunted House is the story of siblings Louise and Mark Joyner. The two are completely different from each other and basically never speak to each other. But when her parents die at the end of the coronavirus pandemic, Louise and Mark are forced to get back together to put their childhood home on the market. Guess what though? Yes, there is something strange about the house. Before her parents died, they taped newspaper over the mirrors and nailed the attic door shut. And that’s just the beginning of the disturbing events that Mark and Louise will experience in this house.

Cover of Tell Me I'm Worthless by Alison Rumfitt;  Painting of a woman's eyes visible through the top, with a dark mansion resting above

Tell Me I’m Worthless by Allison Rumfit (Tor Nightfire, January 17)

Tell Me I’m Worthless is a gothic literary horror novel that explores the horror of trauma. Three years ago, Alice spent a night in an abandoned house with her friends Ila and Hannah. Since then nothing has been the same. The memories of that night still haunt her and she hasn’t spoken to either Ila or Hannah since they left the house. When Ila asks Alice to return to the house with her to save Hannah, Alice knows she must go.

Book cover for extended stay

Extended Stay by Juan Martinez (University of Arizona Press, January 17)

Juan Martinez’s Extended Stay is a work of social horror that examines capitalism and the undocumented experience in the United States. After his parents are killed in a roadside execution, Alvaro flees Colombia with his sister Carmen to work as a line cook at a seedy Las Vegas hotel. The Alicia Hotel is the perfect place for those with something to hide. But something feeds on these mysteries.

Episode thirteen book covers

Episode 13 of Craig DiLouie (Redhook, January 24)

Fade to Black is the latest reality TV sensation. It’s a ghost hunting show directed by married couple Matt and Claire Kirklin. And in episode 13, Fade to Black takes its viewers to the Paranormal Research Foundation. Strange experiments were conducted there in the 1970s, and of course the building is incredibly haunted. The team enters the Foundation to prove just how haunted it really is. But they will get much more than what they expected.

Vampire Weekend book cover

Vampire Weekend by Mike Chen (Mira, January 31)

Do you find it glamorous to be a vampire? You’ve seen too much of AMC’s interview with the vampire. In real life, vampires cannot fly. They don’t turn into bats. And no, they are not even allowed to murder. No, vampires only work mundane jobs like the rest of us. But at least Louise Chao has her punk rock shows to keep her entertained. She’s starting to think if she could just start her own punk rock band, she could finally find the family she thought she’d never have. Just then, Ian, a long-lost relative, shows up at her door. In Ian, Louise finally finds the connection she has longed for. But what will happen when he learns her true identity?

the drift book cover

The Drift by CJ Tudor

CJ Tudor’s latest horror/thriller is a tale of three ordinary people who would risk their lives for an opportunity for redemption. When Hannah, Meg and Carter are stranded in a blizzard for various reasons, they fear they may not all make it out alive. What they don’t know is that a far greater danger lurks in the snowy mountains. A threat that has the power to destroy all of humanity.

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