November 27, 2022

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“Ode to the Other Woman’s Ass” [by Denise Duhamel]

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Ode to the other woman’s ass

You have captured my husband’s imagination
when he might otherwise have been bored.
You gave him beautiful shapes to look at
in the mall, in the supermarket when he peeked
behind his Newsweek at the airport.
Oh thong wearer, the strings rise
from your crevice like a bird’s wings in flight.
Oh pencil skirt, skinny jeans, short shorts,
Bikini bottoms, capris and the circles
They include. Oh billboard buttocks,
Magazine bags, movie star derrières.
Oh porn fannys, soft hull,
whores’ bums, gluteus maximus
the girl next door.
Oh asses of other women,
Our relationship, I know, wasn’t easy.
For years I feared you, feared that my husband
would follow your wobble and leave me
for your highly branched peach, your airbrushed apple.
I also feared your men’s eyes, their animal looks,
their whistles when you weren’t with them.
I endured her flirting as I hope you endure
with my husband. If you’re like me, I know you won’t
always like it, but on a bad day it can almost be welcome,
remind you what can sometimes be lost
in a long marriage.
Oh asses of other women,
you are beautiful, with or without confirmation from a stranger.
You know that, and so do your men.
But if you feel kind
Please ask the face clinging to you
to please my husband with a smile
should he look up to find eyes
and when your man looks my way
I will try to do the same.

by Ecotone and from the archive, December 2, 2012

And here is an interview with Denise Duhamel:

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