January 30, 2023

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Poetry Foundation Fall 2022 Announcement…

The Poetry Foundation has completed its first public grant application cycle. Nearly 250 applications were submitted for $1,435,000 in available funds. This grant cycle, combined with the $1,000,000 awarded in June in Renewal and Recovery Grants to continue funding pandemic relief and the more than $500,000 awarded to partners throughout the year totals to over $3,000,000 in grants awarded by the Poetry Foundation in 2022.

The Poetry Foundation is proud to announce the 39 nonprofit organizations that received funding in this grant round, as well as the 9 organizations that received special grants in these categories prior to the Fall Cycle (the latter group is denoted by an asterisk *). . Of the 39 organizations funded in this round, 22 (56%) received general operational support, 27 (69%) are BIPOC-led organizations, and 18 (46%) are receiving first-time financial support from the Poetry Foundation.

Consistent with its commitment to the principles of trust-based philanthropy, the grant program instituted a community-based process for reviewing proposals. The participatory process consisted of external reviewers from the arts and culture community tasked with making funding recommendations to an internal Poetry Foundation committee comprised of the President, the VP of Programs and Engagement, and the Grants Manager. The 23 reviewers were selected from an open application process; 21 identify as poets with experience working at university poetry centers and programs, nonprofit literary arts organizations, and literary publishing and presses; Two of the reviewers currently work with grant organizations that fund artistic nonprofits.

This robust roster of grantee partners is committed to increasing access to poetry and supporting poets through publications, educational activities, festivals, writing workshops, residencies and more. Congratulations to all of these grantee partners!

The Foundation’s next cycle of justice in verse and poetry programs, partnerships and innovation grants will begin in January 2023 with a deadline of March 1, 2023. Visit PoetryFoundation.org/Grants for more information

justice in verse
826 New Orleans, Louisiana, $20,000
African Poetry Book Fund at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska, $112,500*
Artes de México en Utah, Utah, $15,000
CantoMundo, New York, $20,000
Cave Canem, New York, $75,000*
CityLit Project, Maryland, $50,000
Community Literature Initiative, California, $50,000
Furious Flowers Poetry Center/James Madison University, Virginia, $50,000
In-Na-Po, Native American poet, Wisconsin, $65,000
KUNDIMAN INC, New York, $50,000
Letras Latinas at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, $40,000
Mizna, Minnesota, $35,000
Motor City Sings, Michigan, $20,000
Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora (at Illinois State University), Illinois, $50,000
Puha Hubiya, New Mexico, $20,000
Radical Reversal, New York, $65,000
Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, Washington DC, $65,000*
Stomping Grounds Literary Arts Initiative, Illinois, $35,000
Teachers and Writers Collaborative, New York, $30,000
The Diatribe Inc., Michigan, $65,000
Third World Press Foundation, Illinois, $50,000
Twelve Literary Arts Inc., Ohio, $20,000
University of Guam Press, Guam, $65,000
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, $25,000

Poetry programs, partnerships and innovation
916 Ink, California, $10,000
Blue Stoop by CultureWorks, Pennsylvania, $35,000
Brick Street Poetry Inc., Indiana, $10,000
California Poets in Schools, California, $50,000
ChiArts Foundation, Illinois, $50,000
Gwendolyn Brooks Social Justice Initiative, University of Illinois, Illinois, $50,000
Literary Arts of the Kitchen Table, Florida, $10,000
MacDowell, NH, $12,500*
MAKE Literary Productions, Illinois, $20,000
Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop, Minnesota, $50,000
O, Miami, Florida, $50,000
Parachute Literary Arts Inc., New York, $20,000
Pathway with Art, Washington, $20,000
Poetic Justice, Oklahoma, $50,000
Poetry Center of Chicago, Illinois, $50,000
[email protected]Georgia Tech University, Georgia, $24,000*
Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project, Illinois, $15,000*
Ragdale, Illinois, $50,000*
Sojourner Truth Festival of the Arts, 2023, Illinois, $50,000
Southern Word, Tennessee, $25,000
Steppenwolf Theater, Illinois, $25,000*
Sundress Publications, Tennessee, $10,000
Zoeglossia, New Mexico, $10,000