January 28, 2023

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Potluck: Editor’s Discussion, November 2022 by…

Dear readers,

I look out the window behind my desk at the Poetry Foundation and see that almost all the leaves have fallen off the trees here in Chicago. A few stragglers remain perched on the branches, but the chill in the air foreshadows their doom. It seems only yesterday that I was enthusiastically writing about Halloween, and now “November has come to the forest” and “the year fades with the white halo” as our Kenneth Rexroth Poem of the Day Selection put it on 11th November October predicted. The sinking moves fast, especially a sinking of big projects!

In November I share a wealth of events and announcements with you:

Look forward to November’s Poem of the Day selections with National Native American Heritage Month and NaNoWriMo—if you say no, you know! To help you stay on top of your writing and your target word count, we’ve included articles and prompts to select this month’s editor’s notes. A special archival exhibition of TS Eliot’s The Waste Land is coming to the site after 100 years of publication. Read more about the exhibition in this blog post. The Poetry Foundation’s hugely popular VS Podcast is back! Listen to this “preview” episode, Danez & Franny VS Getting Grown, which brings together the first batch of podcast hosts with the next generation. Poetry magazine’s 110th anniversary celebrations are underway; Check out this collection to find special anniversary content, including editor Adrian Matejka’s note on the first magazine for the October issue.

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Robert Eric Schuhmacher