January 29, 2023

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Poylow hits the spot once again with his new release on NCS, Drop in the Ocean.

Poylow is an emerging French EDM artist who is quickly gaining popularity in the music industry. with
With over 60 million streams on Spotify alone, Poylow’s unique style resonates with listeners everywhere
the world. As an emerging artist, Poylow is definitely one to watch out for.

His recognizable sound and energetic performances make him a standout member of the EDM scene.
Poylow, Harry Taylor, MAD SNAX and India Dupriez are three up-and-coming artists who are simply
He recently released a track called “Drop In The Ocean” on NCS, the largest independent label
in electronic dance music. These talented musicians are quickly gaining popularity in the EDM scene
with their unique styles and energetic performances.

“Drop In The Ocean” is an electrifying track that is sure to get listeners moving. With its catchy beats
and upbeat melodies, this track is sure to be a hit on the dance floor. The collaboration between
Poylow, Harry Taylor, MAD SNAX and India Dupriez bring together a variety of influences and styles,
resulting in a fresh, exciting and epic sound. The song’s catchy lyrics and catchy chorus make it one
outstanding track that you will surely remember for days to come.
Overall, “Drop In The Ocean” is a must-read for electronic dance music fans. The combination of
The talents of Poylow, Harry Taylor, MAD SNAX and India Dupriez make for a dynamic and energetic track
this is sure to be a crowd puller. Keep an eye out for these up and coming artists as they move on
waves in the music industry.