January 28, 2023

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Quadruple Abecedarian: His first solo vacation" [by John Deming]

Quadruple Abecedarian: His first solo vacation

Ancient, it seemed, Zach’s mom was listening to Diz

blow his horn; Sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and savory

chicken cooked to xantho brown; stoic Zach on the tailbone

down in that wonderful courtyard, smelling deep. now

everything was different. Mean labyrinthine, age XXXV.

Formerly married, now committed, traveling alone to Honolulu.

Terrific melodramatics aside, he knew that

he wanted there – sex. Certainly with his books

In his pocket was rapturous boredom super-

jacent Needed a soothing Hajj, he had joked, after Talaq.

“Kevin, my boss, pushes task after task; high-

load this, that or heck make coffee.” Shut

lots of bullshit without a bounty. But the Hawaiian

Nights were not restful. Makame Fern, a young, slender,

olive brown eyed gorgeous local – “Hello,” he had begun, sick –

prepared and drunk, “good tulip …” Ah or hurt,

surprisingly a happy Q&A. “Raj…

Raj Bhakta…an intelligent financier, isn’t he?” “Well, me

I suppose,” she replied. He felt (pathetically) male –

that is, cocky. God what a mistake. “Feeling

unreal … you look amazing – you look … your half –

luscious… ass – like Elaine Cheznov, my ex-wife.” Makame

beat him up. The most devastating blow he had seen. And,

X-rayed, had (…despicable ex-…) broken his jawbone. sorry,

yellow-bellied, Elaine’s breasts absent; stray dogs, a honeycomb

Zephyr; back to Albany – lard without lava.

A bit of the old fedora for John Deming. From the archive; First published on 04/30/2009.


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