November 27, 2022

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Rezz reveals she and deadmau5 are headlining a B2B festival in 2023

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Rezz has transformed from an aspiring mid-tempo producer to a legitimate headliner in the time since their initial release in 2015. Given their unique branding, relatively transparent social media personality, and mesmerizing live sets, that’s really no surprise.

One of their biggest supporters since the beginning has been deadmau5 and although the two have performed together on stage before, like at North Coast 2021, there hasn’t been an official b2b between the two yet. That looks set to change next year as Rezz revealed it will officially happen at a festival next year where the pair will be headlining.

Aside from doing B2B with deadmau5, Rezz hasn’t done any proper B2B at all and this will be the first. Since Ultra has already started revealing their lineup and the two would likely have been in the initial announcement, they couldn’t be there. EDC maybe? Maybe North Coast as a throwback?

We’ll have to wait and see when the lineups for next year’s Summer Festival season trickle in.

Deadmau5 and I will be B2B headlining a festival in 2023

For the first time ever I really b2b. Just to let you know

— RΞZZ (@OfficialRezz) November 21, 2022

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