January 29, 2023

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Rich Delinquent Releases American Psycho-Themed Single “No Saint”

Fusing a gritty mix of electronic, hip-hop and emo sounds in his music, Rich Delinquent has developed an addictive brand around his project as his music and videos continue to stand out from the rest. He’s notorious for using imagery of pop culture icons and villains in his music, deftly weaving quality production with gripping drama, and giving listeners a hit every time from the beautiful drug Rich Delinquent.

Now the talented Australian is back with the chilling single ‘No Saint’ featuring a turbulent main character inspired by Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman in ‘American Psycho’. Rich brilliantly captures the spirit of this possessed character through dramatic songwriting and compelling production. From “zero to a hundred” to “moving slowly” and watching the room spin, it’s hard not to feel these bewildering emotions when swirling synth melodies seem to cast your mind into oblivion.

“Sometimes it feels like I just have a devil on my shoulder leading me down the wrong path, usually I can keep it at bay, but sometimes I lose faith in myself and surrender to the darkness…that is No Saint.” – Rich Delinquent

Hear / Watch below!