January 28, 2023

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RL Grime’s new set closer is an unreleased ID featuring Nero

Unfortunately, while the wait for RL Grime’s annual Halloween mix is ​​now over, we’re entering another wait as we wonder when we’ll get the numerous IDs it contains. There are more than a few, including some by Juelz, Effin and Rossy, as well as one featuring ISOxo, but the one that caught our interest the most is his new set closer featuring Nero.

Nero has been sitting on a third album for some time now, just over a year, and it’s been over four years since RL Grime’s last album, Nova, was released in 2018. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that both artists could be preparing to release an album next year. But the big news is that they appear to be working together, according to multiple sources.

On 1001tracklists, which aggregates setlists from various artists, the final track in both his Halloween XI mix and his set from Second Sky is a new ID collaboration with Nero (it starts at 1:12:45 on the SoundCloud mix).

We can’t wait for this to see an official release. Listen below!