January 28, 2023

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ROSSY begins the journey to their debut EP with the epic single “KARMA” featuring Jazz Cartier

It was pretty amazing to see ROSSY show up. When her talent first caught our attention in 2020, she earned a spot on our Artists To Watch 2021 list, and she didn’t disappoint. Prime festival slots, support for GRiZ on Another World a few weeks ago and some fire releases have proven she’s about to win, and with her first headline show in LA next month, it’s the perfect time to release the first single debut EP to be released by her, Heaven’s Door.

With the recent resurgence of the creative trap, there couldn’t be a better time for ROSSY to go absolutely nuts with Jazz Cartier on their new single ‘KARMA’. The soaring synths and energetic drums are paired with a truly anthemic melody that you should definitely hear as loud as possible.

“I was introduced to jazz to collaborate on the track, which was such a blessing,” says ROSSY. “I got the vocals back from him and the line ‘come and tell me how you really feel’ really struck me, especially as a woman in the industry who’s used to constantly having to prove herself more than my males Let colleagues and people doubt me behind my back. You know, come on, say it to my face. From there the name “Karma” came to me – what goes around always comes back. Overall, I love this track because it screams Rossy: equal parts trap-banger and melodic with a touch of fearlessness.”

Stay tuned for more Heaven’s Door singles to come, but listen to “KARMA” now!